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Professional headshot photographer - David Arnold Photo + Film


I'm David Arnold, the dedicated headshot photographer and owner of David Arnold Photo + Film. With over 30 years behind the camera, my passion found its true calling in headshot photography about a decade ago. The art of capturing a person's essence and brand in a single shot is what drives me.


I've witnessed the evolution of photography from the black and white film era to the vibrant world of digital. When I started, headshots were simpler, undefined by the trends of the internet. This journey has been both fun and transformative, especially seeing the headshot evolve into a powerful career tool.


I take pride in starting many actors and models on their paths to success. To me, a headshot is the first step towards new opportunities – it can open doors and change lives. At David Arnold Photo + Film, we're not just taking pictures; we're capturing your potential. Let's create the shot that changes everything for you.

Headshot photographer
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01: Inquire + Book Your Day

Begin your headshot photography experience with a simple step – reach out to me,  We will book a virtual consultation where we talk about your career goals, and we will book your session.

02: Vision Crafting & Inspiration Collaboration

After booking, we'll embark on a creative collaboration. Together, we'll design an inspiration board that perfectly captures your style and vision, setting the tone for your personalized photo session.

03: Capture:

The length of the session will vary from 1 - 4 hours depending on the number of looks you choose.  We will capture at least 200 photos per look.  We will shoot, 3/4 body, 1/2 body, and 1/4 body shots in each look. 

04: Proofs & Selection:

Normally you receive your proofs within 24 hours of the end of your shoot.  You then have some homework.  You will need to narrow down the proofs to your 3 best photos per look.  When finished, you just shoot me a text and let me know you are finished.

05: The Magic Touch & Final Delivery

This is where I work some magic in the retouching process.  I will utilize the latest photo editing software to turn the photo into a magazine-quality headshot. Depending on the number of looks this could take between 1-3 days.  Once they are complete, I will send you your finished gallery.

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The journey to your custom artwork begins with your portrait session, but the magic happens in the editing room. We meticulously select the finest images, considering various aspects such as lighting, background, focus, pose, facial expressions, and their overall charm. About a week after your session, you'll have the opportunity to choose your preferred images for editing. Please note that RAW files are not provided, as they represent unfinished work. Additional digital portraits are always available for order.

Upon finalizing your choices, our team dedicates itself to artistically enhancing each photograph in our distinctive style. Our Before & After Gallery showcases the careful balance we strike in both color and black & white editing, ensuring each image is a work of art. We believe in creating portraits that you'll cherish forever. For every minute spent capturing your moments, countless hours are invested behind the scenes to perfect your photos and enrich your experience with us to be nothing short of extraordinary.


1 Look - 3 Retouch

Headshot photographer near me


4 Look - 12 Retouch

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5 Look - 15 Retouch

Headshot photography


3 Look - 9 Retouch

Headshot photographer


6 Look - 18 Retouch

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