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Wedding Photographer in Bucks County


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Wedding Photographer in Montgomery County

Imagine your wedding day – what does your heart truly desire? As your special day unfolds and eventually concludes, my deepest wish is for you to vividly recall the overwhelming joy and love you felt, moments so captivating that they seemed to pause time itself. These instances, along with the people and the intricate details that breathe life into them, are what I believe you'll cherish endlessly.

Capturing the essence of your unique love story through my photography is a passion of mine. I take delight in hearing about your romantic journey and translating it into visual narratives. I meticulously plan your photography schedule, ensuring ample time is dedicated to portraits, allowing us to capture the depth of your bond. Expect to find a new friend in me, as I blend seamlessly into your circle, celebrating alongside you, your partner, and your entire wedding party.

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Wedding Photographer in Warrington

As a distinguished wedding photographer with a remarkable 30-year career in photography, my journey into the realm of nuptial photography began in 2019. My extensive background as a brand and fashion photographer, with work published in prestigious magazines including Vogue, has profoundly influenced my approach to wedding photography.

My unique style is a seamless blend of the meticulous attention to detail honed from brand and fashion photography and the emotive, story-telling aspects essential in capturing the essence of a wedding. Each wedding I photograph is approached with the same level of professionalism and artistic flair that I bring to high-fashion shoots, ensuring that every moment, from the subtle glances to the grand emotions, is captured with clarity and beauty.

For each wedding, I develop a customized inspiration board, similar to my process in brand photography. This tailored approach allows me to understand and visualize the couple's unique story and style, ensuring that the photos reflect their personality and the essence of their special day. This method not only aids in creating a cohesive visual narrative but also ensures that every detail, no matter how small, is given due consideration and captured in a way that complements the overall aesthetic of the wedding.

In just a few years since I ventured into wedding photography, I have had the privilege of photographing nearly 100 weddings. This experience has not only honed my skill in capturing the myriad facets of a wedding day but has also deepened my appreciation for the unique beauty and emotion inherent in each celebration. My goal as a wedding photographer is to create a timeless record of your day, one that you will cherish and revisit for years to come, just as you would with the most captivating story in a beloved magazine.

Wedding Photographer in Doylestown


Wedding photographer in Bryn Mawr
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My wedding portfolio is a harmonious blend of editorial elegance and candid authenticity, capturing the essence of each couple's unique story with sophistication and raw emotion. Each image is carefully selected for its ability to convey the profound joy and love that define these once-in-a-lifetime moments, making every photograph a cherished memento. Through my lens, I celebrate the magic of wedding days, crafting a visual narrative that is as timeless as it is heartfelt.

David was exceptionally attentive, ensuring our wedding photos were exactly what we envisioned. From our detailed pre-wedding discussions to capturing every pivotal moment on the day, his commitment was evident. He and his second photographer masterfully captured both the men's and women's sides, including touching first looks and a mix of formal and fun bridal party shots. Despite the whirlwind of the reception, David didn't miss a beat. We were amazed by the vast number of photos he took, each one helping us relive our special day. His work is impeccable, and we wholeheartedly recommend him!

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Wedding Decorations


01: Inquire + Book Your Day

Go all out—share every detail! Fill the inquiry form with all your heart's desires, and let's discuss your dream vision during our call. If we're the perfect match, some paperwork and a deposit will seal your wedding date with us!

02: Engage + Play

This is where the magic begins—before the big day. Let's meet up, get to know each other, and test the waters of creativity. It's a relaxed, fun-filled prelude to your wedding day, giving us a chance to gel together, share some laughs, and capture those candid moments of joy. Think of it as a fun date, with us capturing every sweet second!

03: Craft Your Dreams Together

Think of it as a virtual playground on platforms like Pinterest. Together, we'll pin, pick, and ponder over photos that resonate with you. Every now and then, we'll gather to chat about what caught your eye and why. This delightful back-and-forth ensures that your big day's photos reflect your heart's true desires. It's collaboration, inspiration, and a whole lot of fun, all rolled into one!"

04: Live Your BEST DAY EVER!

Live the 'Day of Your Dreams' - where every moment is a masterpiece waiting to be captured! From the heart-fluttering romance of the ceremony to the dynamic vibes of the reception, we're there to catch it all. Expect a blend of raw emotions, artful creativity, and snapshots that dance with the day's rhythm. As you savor each moment, we'll be right there, ensuring your day is immortalized in its full, fabulous glory! In about 48 hrs you’ll have sneak peeks to keep the buzz going.

05: Relive the DREAM!

Prepare to be swept away by a treasure trove of memories! Within a mere 48 hours after your celebration, you'll have 10 meticulously edited 'Sneak Peek' images to share, relish, and showcase. That's just a glimpse! Within 3-6 weeks, your expansive photo gallery and, if you've opted for it, your cinematic wedding film, will be ready to tug at your heartstrings. All beautifully presented on an easy-to-navigate online webpage. Freely download, share, and dive deep into every snapshot, all complemented with Print and Social Sharing Rights. Fair warning: choosing favorites might prove challenging with so much to love! And should you wish to capture these memories in a tactile form, let’s initiate the album journey just as your complete gallery reaches you!

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The journey to your custom artwork begins with your wedding day, but the magic happens in the editing room. We meticulously select the finest images, considering various aspects such as lighting, background, focus, pose, facial expressions, and their overall charm. Please note that RAW files are not provided, as they represent unfinished work. 

David dedicates himself to artistically enhancing each photograph in his distinctive style. Our Before & After slider showcases the careful balance we strike in both color and black & white editing, ensuring each image is a work of art. We believe in creating images that you'll cherish forever. For every minute spent capturing your moments, countless hours are invested behind the scenes to perfect your photos and enrich your experience with us to be nothing short of extraordinary.

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Albums, Prints, Wall Art, and More

Wedding Videographer

Fine Art Prints

Our 9x6 fine art prints are a fusion of quality and durability, printed on acid-free Mohawk Eggshell 324g fine art paper with the advanced HP Indigo 6000 printer for sharp, vivid imagery. The rigidity of the paper ensures longevity, while its eggshell texture adds an elegant finish, making each print a timeless keepsake.

Wedding Videographer near me

Stacked Acrylic Prints

Your image printed on a smooth, matte-finishe, professional-grade paper set beneath a stricking acrylic plate, providing a glass-like acrylic print.  Each product comes with a microfiber clothe and comes ready to hang. Available in various sizes.

Wedding Videographer in Bucks County

Acrylic Prestige Photo Albums

The most popular layflat, rigid-pages Photo Albums. 3 sizes are available to personalize in one of a dozen cover materials. Fully customizable. 

Wedding Videographer in Warrington


A centerpiece with the look, feel, and quality of our albums. This keepsake tells the story in three profound portraits.  Three photos printed on Fujicolor Silk paper mounted on your choice of over 80 material options and include several (including acrylic) finishes for your images.

NOTE: many other keepsake options are available.



For your elopement, We'll assist in crafting a tailored timeline, guiding you to the ideal locale, and ensuring the key highlights of your day are captured. This can encompass the thrilling first glance, preparatory moments, intricate details, the intimate vow exchange, spontaneous adventures, celebratory dining, and any cherished activities you wish to incorporate!

up to 4 hours of coverage
Complimentary Engagement Session
Custom Wedding Day Photo Guide
Sneak Peeks
Custom Wedding Logo
Special Wedding Gift

Bridal Session (+$250)
Wedding Film - 5 minutes (+$1,000)
Photo Booth - starting at $650
Keepsakes Sold Separately

starting at $1,500


For your Intimate Wedding, I'll collaborate with you to craft a seamless timeline that encompasses the pivotal moments of your special day. This can include preparations, intricate details, the anticipation of the first look or walk down the aisle, the solemnity of the ceremony, adventurous interludes, cherished moments with your wedding party and family, and the joyous dinner or reception celebrations.

8 hours of coverage
Complimentary Engagement Session
Custom Wedding Day Photo Guide
Sneak Peeks
Custom Wedding Logo
Special Wedding Gift

2nd Photographer (+$800)
Bridal Portraits (+$250)
Wedding Film - 9 minutes (+$2,000)
Photo Booth - starting at $650

Keepsakes Sold Separately

starting at $2,500


For your Grand Gala package, I will collaborate with you and your wedding planner to craft a detailed timeline, capturing the splendor of your day. This includes elegant preparations, artistic details, the first look, the ceremony, scenic interludes, moments with guests, and the vibrant reception. With my larger creative team, we'll align closely with your vision, ensuring perfection in every detail.

all-day coverage
2nd Photographer

Complimentary Engagement Session
Custom Wedding Day Photo Guide
Sneak Peeks
Custom Wedding Logo
Special Wedding Gift

Bridal Portraits (+$250)
Wedding Film - 9 minutes (+$2,500)
Photo Booth - starting at $650

Keepsakes Sold Separately

starting at $4,200

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Wedding Photographer in Lehigh Valley

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